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Hondata ECU Reflash - 06-11 Civic Si

Hondata ECU Reflash - 06-11 Civic Si

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Reflash your 2006-2011 Civic Si engine computer - this reflash is for the US and Mexican 2006-2011 Civic Si with K20Z3 engine.

  • Fuel, ignition and cam timing optimized.
  • VTEC lowered from 5800 rpm to 4500 rpm.
  • VTEC window added.
  • Cam angle optimized.
  • Rev limiter increased to 8600 rpm
  • California emissions legal (CARB EO D-742)

This is for an ECU reflash - the ECU is not included.  Hondata does not sell direct - the reflash must be purchased from a Hondata dealer. The ECU reflash form must be sent with your ECU.

Important Notes

This reflash will work well with a variety of aftermarket performance parts. It will work well with:

  • An intake
  • Cat-backs (as long as they are less restrictive than stock)
  • A race header *
  • A combination of intake and race header

(*Note that current race headers eliminate the catalytic converter and will generate a check engine light. This engine check light is for emissions and will not affect the car's performance. Race headers are for off road use only)

You must have a minimum of an intake or header.

It is not designed to work with a stock 2006-2011 Civic Si and will lose power between 4500rpm and 5600 rpm if installed.


The 06 Civic employs a mass air flow sensor that automatically adjusts the air-fuel ratio for increases in air flow from correctly designed intakes and race headers. Intakes for this car are critical. The intake, in particular the size and shape of the piping around the mass air flow sensor, is the primary determinant of fueling for this car. If you have any problems in running rich or lean, then you must retest with the stock intake. Race headers will not cause this engine to run lean.

We recommend that 91 octane fuel be used with this reflash.