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Spoon Clutch Disk (non-ABS) - (FK7)

Spoon Clutch Disk (non-ABS) - (FK7)

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SPOON has been developing the 10th CIVIC HATCHBACK 1.5L TURBO (FK7) from the beginning, but the first goal at the beginning was to pursue total tuning to achieve driving performance that surpasses TYPE R (FK8). did.
In the process, I was most convinced of the tuning growth potential of the L15C 1.5 TURBO engine.
With the introduction of Hondata Flashpro, the maximum output of 250ps (STD 182ps) and the maximum torque of 38kgf ・ m (STD 24.5kgf ・ m) can be achieved by precise setting, but the high torque of about 50% up compared to the STD can be achieved. The barrier to achieving this was the corresponding torque of the STD clutch.

Therefore, SPOON has developed clutch discs and covers that use high-strength fiber materials in order to achieve the high heat resistance and high strength required for motor sports.

The dual mass structure used in the genuine flywheel is utilized as it is, and the clutch pedal pedaling force is suppressed to about 10% higher than the STD, making it ideal for street use that emphasizes operability.
Remarks & special notes
It is a set specification with CLUTCH COVER 22300-FK7-001.
(Genuine clutch cover cannot be used)