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Spoon Progressive Spring - Honda CR-Z (ZF1/ZF2)

Spoon Progressive Spring - Honda CR-Z (ZF1/ZF2)

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Spoon progressive springs are designed to provide optimal ride height and camber, while working in conjunction with the stock dampers or the unrated Spoon fixed dampers.

The progressive spring lowers the vehicle ride height reducing the amount of roll, increasing maneuverability and stability without compromise to ride quality. Comfortable ride at city driving speeds and stiffer, more responsive handling at higher demands.

Progressive springs are recommended for enthusiasts wanting a sportier driving feel without the cost and harshness of dedicated track coilovers.

A great starter modification that can be added to and enhanced by use of the Spoon Sports Fixed Damper Kit.


Lowering amount: -20 ~-30mm (May be different with each vehicle specification)  

Spring rate
Front: 24.3N/mm
Rear: 21.7 ~ 38.0N/mm