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Spoon Oil filter (Magnetic)

Spoon Oil filter (Magnetic)

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SPOON SPORTS newly introduces OIL FILTERS for Honda Cars

Honda cars are best known for its high revving engines.
For the engine to perform 100%, regular oil maintenance is always crucial. Changing the oil at an interval of 3,000〜5,000km is recommended and replacing the oil filter at the time of oil change is also important to keep the engine in optimum condition.
Filtration performance and low viscosity loss are characteristics that contradict each other; however, we have been successful in developing an oil filter achieving both at a high level.
By placing a strong magnet inside the oil filter, we are able to isolate any metal contamination that might cause filtration clogging. We’ve also adopted a special filter material that has low viscosity loss. As a result, the oil filter can remove 98% of particles up to 50μin size, achieving high filtration performance with minimal viscosity loss.

The adaptation of high-performance filter material has allowed us to achieve the required oil filtration performance in a much smaller package. This translates to less oil requirement, lighter weight of the oil filter itself, which can minimize the risk of the oil filter from loosening due to engine vibration.
Please enjoy your Honda engine with proper oil management.

B-/F-/K-/L-series engines and others (not applicable to C30/32 engines)

External diameter 65mm, Height 65 mm, Thread M20xP1.5
※Recommended replacement interval 5,000〜6,000km
※Same configuration to Honda Genuine Oil Filter 15400-PFB-007


Size: Diameter 68mm, Height 65mm

 Compatible with B/F/K engines.

Same shape as Honda genuine part number 15400-PFB-007.